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Unaddressed Admail

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Don’t miss a single potential customer with Unaddressed Admail.

A New Way to Go Direct – Unaddressed Admail™

Reach all your potential customers in any area without a mailing list! Unaddressed Admail™ from Canada Post allows you to target specific geographic areas for deep local coverage.

It’s a great solution to consider when your marketing message has broad appeal to your local market. Dentists, auto repair shops, pizza parlors, chiropractors – any business that deals with a wide range of customers from a certain area can benefit from this blanket approach to marketing.

Flexible, Fast and Easy

Unaddressed Admail™ doesn’t require specific names and mailing addresses, and that means you can get your message to an entire geographic area without a mailing list. Think about the ways you could use this in your local market:

  • Send a coupon or “bring in this card to save” offer
  • Promote your next sale
  • Announce a store opening or new location
  • Invite potential donors or volunteers to your special event

While Unaddressed Admail™ is a great tool, there are some specifics you need to know to make the most of it. Working with the right creative marketing professionals to help strategize and design your piece, then print it and mail it means hassle-free campaigns for your organization or business. 

Work with the direct mail pros and you won’t have to worry about a thing.